Business Insurance for safe company

safe company

In addition to your attorney and accountant, another professional to be incorporated during the process of incorporation of the new company to be your insurance agent. It may be useful to have an agent take care of your needs for insurance. The market offers insurance policies to provide coverage especially diseadas Pequea to the company and that in one package cubrirn your insurance needs.

Business Insurance

insurance does not only important to you, but also for their other business relationships. For example, if you choose to lease offices, the landlord usually require a certificate of insurance or l appears as an additional insured on your policy to ensure that your business does not disappear from one day to the ma ana in case of an accident.

Some of the risks to be covered by insurance are:

Insurance against damages to physical property of the company. This type of insurance must include comprehensive coverage designed to protect against a variety of risks. Your insurance policy should include:

¤ Buildings. Coverage is required if you own the building where your business. If it is tenant of the property, your landlord can give this coverage.
¤ The assets of the company include your tables, desks, chairs and equipment. You also want to include the improvements you make to the leased property. An example of this will be a division of environments built inside the building, an exhibition area of ​​a fact MESN as installed in the reception area for customers.
¤ Loss of income.
¤ Earthquakes.
¤ Floods (optional).

Remember that all risk pliz can cover all teams, which provide hardware and computer software, records In addition to its value. A properly written pliz include loss of income that might result from breakdowns, as well as other risks that may interrupt operations temporarily.

Liability insurance

A pleated liability to any risk is intended to provide coverage to third parties in respect of:

¤ Daos Personal and Advertising Injury
¤ Fire Legal Liability, which is often mandatory if you lease susinstalaciones. This protects you if your negligence results in damages oprdidas affecting the good of his landlord. For example, you mistakenly leave a small stove Elctrica and goes home at the end of the day. During the night, the heater shorts and starts a fire, where fire and smoke damages the property. In this case, the loss is caused by the negligent act of leaving the space heater. Here is where the fire insurance protects your investment.
¤ Products and Completed Operations
¤ Expenses or payments physicians
¤ General Liability for your premises. The best illustration is the common “tripping because of a torn carpet, causing damages physics.”

In some cases, some pleated excluirn product coverage and completed operations and / or personal damages and damages for advertising, depending on the services provided by your company. In these cases there must be a pleated professional liability, malpractice or errors and omissions specifically for your business that will cover for errors and omissions that may result in legal action against your company. This is particularly true of professions subject to a greater degree of care or standards, for example, lawyers, engineering consultants, insurance agents, real estate brokers, physicians and dentists.