How to write a letter to increase

Many employees will cringe at the thought of asking for a raise, especially if the economy is weak or if their companies are not as good as ever. However, business analysts, such as Tara Weiss Forbes disagree. Companies want to know who their best employees and reward these employees even when company profits are down. One way to ask for a raise is a raise letter. ‘s letter of increase is especially useful because you have more time to plan and provide supporting evidence to explain the merits of upgrading to how you would in a meeting.

business increase


Use company letterhead, if applicable, or enter your full address without your name. If you’re writing to a boss who has a registered address different from yours, write yours.

Skip a space and type the full date with the month in letters.

Skip another space and type the name of your boss, your title and address.

Start the letter with “Dear Ms. / Mr. (insert name)”. Do it even if you know your boss and, remember, this letter will become part of your employee file, so be professional. Do not use your name.

Sign the letter explaining your tenure with the company and gives an overview of the major projects you worked. This will help your boss to remember value projects with which you have engaged.

Provides supporting details in middle paragraphs describing how you are a valuable asset to the company. Use concrete evidence, such as the amount of money that your projects have made, all the praise it has received, or any increase in productivity due to changes you’ve caused.

Ask for a specific amount of money in the final paragraph and repeat your justifications to order this quantity. Thank your boss for your time.

Close the letter with “Sincerely” low three spaces and type your name. Sign your name in blue or black ink in the space between the closing and your name.