Business Ideas: Clothing Arrangement

For customer acquisition type “Customers” to use communication techniques that are accessible to the public, such as visible commercial sign or advertisement in the yellow pages. You should not forget other techniques such as the mailing, the local free magazines or radio commercials. It is very important to choose a shop in a busy street with a small attractive showcase.

For customers typeClothing Store, it is best to devote the necessary time for visits, in order to get customers and make agreements.

Business Ideas

Do not dismiss a small web developing with the presentation of your services, prices and location map. Every day there are more who seek it all online first.

Product and Price

The first is to compile a catalog of all the arrangements and transformations that are being offered.Settlement of clothes – Franchising Assign the appropriate price for each service offered is key to business success.

For each price will have to be always two approaches:

-Calculate the cost of performing the service, in terms of labor and materials.
-Find out the going rate for this service in the market, compared to other stores.
-In many cases it will be faster and more comfortable resorting to the second point to establish a fee.

A situation that can easily arise, especially in a market full of chain stores low cost, is a garment that requires various fixes fix becomes more expensive to buy a like new. But that is something easily explained to the customer who raised using examples such as repairing electronics and mobile phones, in which the arrangement can not compete on many occasions with the new purchase.

In any case, the list of services and prices must be listed and posted in a conspicuous place on the day of the opening of the store: your customers do not like hiring a service without knowing what it will cost.

It also indicates the deadlines, at least for orientation. Ensures that generally do not exceed 48 hours. If you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, consider the possibility of offering services delivery / collection.