Business for Housewives

Many women, mothers, sisters and daughters like you use their computer daily for searches of games, tutorials and fast news because the family and their home is their main priority and time mainly does not play in their favor but one or the other Way they seek a different activity that breaks their routine without interrupting their chores. Here we recommend some businesses where any homemaker with access to a computer and the internet, can experience and be carried away by the adventure of undertaking.

Business for Housewives

Online business

Do you like children? Are your free time holidays? Organize workshops for children that motivate them to discover their talents through different activities such as theater, dance, meditation, yoga, laughter therapy to provide more than just fun during the holidays are options offered by Atelier Indigo School and summer courses for children.

Art studio

You can take advantage of a space in your house (garage, living room) or any other place to teach painting, sculpture, music, photography or drawing. Your market is wide ranging from children and young people to seniors and other homemakers like you. You can also generate income by marketing the work materials.


If you like, cosmetology, aesthetics and beauty you can make the space of your home, a place full of techniques in physical and mental relaxation with sessions of aromatherapy, music therapy, reflexology, facials and massages.


Is gardening your thing? Exploit your talent and creativity to design spaces that combine architecture, decoration and nature your office will not only care and water the plants but also combine and structure an adequate clean and harmonious space according to your customers that may be mainly private.

Accessories and Decorations

If you are one of those women who decorates and transforms products with their hands; Create your own style, your customers can feel identified with you and your products.  Did you feel identified with any suggestions?