More than 400 distributors ICTs have known firsthand the 360 ° strategy VozTelecom OIGAA during his 10-city Roadshow Spanish. VozTelecom opens sales office in Madrid increasing their proximity to the channel and customers. VozTelecom, communications specialist company ‘cloud’ and leader in Spain in IP telephony for SMEs, has made ​​over the past month May, a RoadShow, which started with a very good start for Aslan Congress in Madrid, and continued visiting ten Spanish cities, getting a total attendance of more than 400 distributors ICT.

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RoadShow The VozTelecom objective was to launch its new commercial strategy OIGAA 360 °, which consists of two main areas: a complete portfolio of cloud services that will meet the major communication and information needs of SMEs and the launch of a new channel program that allows its members to transform their business into a model of sales and maintenance service “cloud.” RoadShow attendees also learned firsthand OIGAA Centrex, the proposed new virtual PBX VozTelecom fixed-mobile. OIGAA Centrex has gained wide acceptance among both the distribution channel and among its customers because, on one hand, unifies fixed and mobile telephony allowing users to manage calls from their fixed position through their smartphone or tablet, from anywhere, without changing mobile operator. On the other hand, is completely user oriented meet your specific needs, depending on the type of activity undertaken and in relation to their mobility and use of the telephone terminal.

Centrex OIGAA Besides, 360 ° OIGAA strategy includes the launch of two new services. For one OIGAA Box, a complete, professional storage secure hybrid (locally and in the cloud), which facilitates the sharing and secure access to information from various sites, mobile devices and users and secondly, Desktop OIGAA a Windows virtual desktop service that allows you to have the job with their corporate data and applications from anywhere and device through an Internet access even from iPad and Android tablets. Both services will be available to the channel during the second half of this year. The second axis 360 ° OIGAA strategy is the launch and implementation of a new channel program with new figures and stimulus plans that allow the channel to transform their current business model consulting, sales, installation and maintenance services the cloud, with complete security and profitability through the specialization of your business OIGAA services.

Such stimulus plans are designed considering the different stages of maturity of ICT channel in terms of the incorporation of services ‘cloud’ in its bid so that each distributor find appropriate tools at all times. Xavier Casajoana, VozTelecom CEO, says the new channel program has been very well received by our dealers, and as of today there are about a hundred those who wish to participate in any of the stimulus plans, with the aim of accelerating the current business transformation towards a service specializing in ‘cloud’ to respond more efficiently and cost-effectively to new market demands.

VozTelecom, in order to be closer to their channel and customers has opened sales office in Madrid this June, particularly in the central Calle Jose Ortega y Gasset, from which it plans to develop the central and southern Spain, as well as to better support the distribution channel through the various courses and training sessions and certification held at the capital addition to the new offices in Madrid, VozTelecom headquartered account Vallès Technology Park in Cerdanyola (Barcelona) with its own team of over a hundred people, a significant portion dedicated to Health Customer, one aspect of value and differentiation that characterize the company.