The Andalusian directives come braking his professional career by the crisis

The rise of the Andalusian directives in his professional career has been interrupted in Andalusia, 62% of university graduates are women. Despite this, companies think it is when it comes to ascend to a woman to a position of greater responsibility. The ghost of motherhood and possible job losses plan on entrepreneurship, which in a percentage higher than 80% is covered by men and still do not have measures of conciliation in their companies.

As I explained a few months ago the second Vice-Chairperson of the Andalusian Parliament and Mayor of Fuengirola, Esperanza Oña, “in the South of Spain, women accumulate 15 points more unemployment than elsewhere in the country, reaching 33 %”.

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Tradition weighs in Andalucia and although there has been progress on equality, is still the great step that means reconciling and the equal sharing of domestic tasks in order to meet work and family demands. “The directive woman in Spain”, the report prepared by PwC, entry barriers that women are to access posts of high direction there are four: the difficulty of reconciling family and work, the male patterns, promotion systems and lower visibility of women. Directives and professionals will have to continue claiming and acquire greater security in their rights and capabilities.

“The visibility of women in the workplace is critical. Is time to recognize our merits and that we are able to show our view and our achievements, in the same way that our colleagues, make it directly. Social networks and Networking are the unfinished business of the women, so overloaded tasks and so little trained in this new way of relating. We must work also in this pillar which sustains our personal brand and our professional career”, says July Echevarría, Director general of the international school of leadership Maestrass. So that we can settle these new ideas we must eradicate the old beliefs. A good training in management skills that deliver empowerment to women is considered fundamental. This and references of exemplary experiences of women who have already achieved are the springboard for feminine success.

These and other issues such as innovation and disruptive thinking, visibility and social networking, Coaching, diversity and reconciliation, ethics and values in the company, etc., will be desgranados on the leading top program in women offered the school international of leadership Maestrass, which will begin in January 2013, will be taught in the technological park of Andalusia in Malaga and will last almost a year.

Presentation of the academic program, topics, methodology and list of speakers and guests. With more than 50 speakers of first level and representing 150 teaching hours, becomes the most comprehensive program in the field of leadership with gender bias.