Born Mavencharts, a search engine professionals working on-site

The portal provides access to an extensive list of qualified professionals that provide all types of home-based services, a sector on the rise according to recent economic reports on new sources of employment.

A group of Spanish entrepreneurs just present a new means of contact in the market of services:, a search engine professionals working on-site. Mavencharts was born the objective of modernizing the onsite Spain services sector giving their own space on the Internet, and professionals provide a free platform from which to be able to offer their services to a wider public.

Born Mavencharts

Advertising on Mavencharts is simple: The professional who wants to offer their services to address only need to register on the portal or through the link On the web, the ads are sorted into different categories according to the professions: health reforms and repairs, assistance, cleaning, sharing home, telework, tutoring and hairdressing and aesthetics, among others.

Customers of these services also participate in Mavencharts through their ratings and reviews for the services that have been hired, one of the main innovations of Mavencharts with respect to other existing platforms. Thus, the professional assessment and best score obtained from customers, get more visibility in Mavencharts, that allows to find workers in an area ensuring the best available thanks to this system of Management Professional by points.

According to its founder, Charles Ble, “with Mavencharts we wanted to carry the network the typical word of mouth we use among our acquaintances to find and recommend a professional that provides any type of service: pet care, cleaning of the home, a painter, etc.” “In addition, also is gives visibility to a type of services that increasingly more importance in our society because our pace of modern life.”

Mavencharts provides a response to a sector booming services on-site, which figure among the new sources of employment of many economic reports of recent years, especially in the categories of distribution of food, goods, accompaniment to seniors, cleaning services, attention to childhood and telecommuting, all branches referred to in Mavencharts.

About Mavencharts –
Founded in October 2010, MavenCharts gives access to an extensive list of qualified professionals providing all kinds of services on-site. In this way the user can contact people who work on their own account in your city or surrounding area and have a large number of satisfied customers. The MavenCharts search engine allows you to locate workers in the user area guaranteeing, through a system of sorting by points, which chooses the best available professional.

Companies and professionals that offer on-site service can be added in MavenCharts free of charge. More satisfied customers get through MavenCharts, most points obtained and, therefore, more likely to continue to attract new customers.