Gremyo, a platform online B2B, boost for entrepreneurs, self-employed and SMEs

From the hand of Sonarventures, the first shuttle of startups in Spain, which is based on the combination of business models of proven success and the recruitment of young talent a new concept of aid for the launching and consolidation of companies, SMEs, self-employed and franchises, using the platform online B2B.

It facilitates the activity of entrepreneurs through proposals with discounts of up to 100%, allowing to develop secure channels of ecommerce, training strategy in social networks, business, Networking, Office materials, management or prevention of commercial risk among many others.

boost for entrepreneurs

It encourages a change in mentality, selecting at each time the solution that requires each company to fight against the crisis. A Covenant of members at 50%, a video professional with a 70% discount, or management accounting, tax or work online from a company with 100% of discount, are some of the current offerings.

Madrid 5 November 2012-in a modern society, and more even in times of crisis such as those who live, entrepreneurs, businesses and SMEs are three basic parts to boost the economy and generate employment. However, set in motion an idea or maintain the current structure of a company is not easy. Both those who want to create your company as those who already have put in foot require a relaunch and support that drive.

Gremyo, is a platform online B2B – business to business, business to business – which provides excellent support for entrepreneurs and Spanish entrepreneurs through the use of coupons discount. In this way allows you to carry out your project, giving them facilities to get everything you need to create or keep your business, and help them cope with the crisis.

Gremyo offers services and products necessary for any entrepreneur, self-employed, SMEs or franchise, with discounts in some cases up to 100%. It’s different thematic solutions that are updated periodically and will enhance key areas of the projects of freelancers, businesses and SMEs in order to ensure its success.

A solution for every need

Among the proposals that are currently under promotion are “A Pact of partners”, allowing regulates the relationships among your partners and prevent future problems in society, with a discount of 50%; the creation of “a video professional”, with a 70% discount; or management accounting, tax or labor online freelancers and small business owners can manage their business without the need for accounting knowledge with the guarantee of the BBVA group and a 100% discount during the first three months.

Jorge Dobón, leader of the project, an entrepreneur from 20 years, explained: “the crisis not only finished in the last five years with a good amount of entrepreneurs and small businesses in this country, but it has also introduced a factor of demoralization in those who struggle every day to go ahead or have a project with a clear future.” “Look for options to have it easier, so we thought to put this bit: impetus to make that idea become a reality with real chances of success”.

Moreover, Álvaro Cuesta, CEO of Sonarventures, has been added that “sound Ventures start from ideas that have been put in place abroad adapt them to markets such as the Spanish or the Latin American, we are something like a radar of business success and talent models, and are sure that Gremyo is the necessary push for many companies in our country””, have easier its future”.

15 students and 20 expert mentors

Currently, sound Ventures has 15 students to direct 8 business projects that are on the ramp of exit and representation, for Spanish and Latin American market of a project which emerged in 2010 in Silicon Valley, Let´s Lunch.

Throughout the project, there are more than 20 mentors, specialised in different areas, who accompany and advise on each project, such as José Luis j., specialist in internationalization of startups, developing part of its business activity at StepOne Ventures; Lucas Cervera, co-founder of metoCube and initiator; Wenceslao García, founder of Vexlan or Angel Maria Herrera, founder of Evoluziona, dedicated to creating and investing in innovative projects as Bubok, leading platform in the Spanish market of self-published books.

A salary based on the results

The participation of these students is free, but without pay during the first three months. Many can use it to make their internship, at the same time carried out a kind of Master MBA 100% effective. After that time, if that lead a project, will receive a salary that will increase over time and depending on the results.