Benefits of joining a network of entrepreneurs

network of entrepreneurs

They are special people who require the flexibility to take risks capitalize on opportunities after high potential for value creation. A professional express clearly the essence of being an entrepreneur: There are people who are born knowing what the chair you have to sit down and others have no choice but to invent his own chair. Being part of an organization or create is itself one of the dilemmas to which a person is able to work must face.

network of entrepreneurs

When it goes from being network of entrepreneurs the pyramid is reversed: one goes to have one or two leaders to have multiple relationships high compromise between partners, investors, employees, customers and suppliers. In addition, an entrepreneur must be able to work with others as a team create synergies seize opportunities and be very perceptive proactive, organized and executive as in a venture nobody does things by one.

One of the focal points for the growth of a venture is to create a network of support from family, friend’s centers entrepreneurial training specialized consulting scientific and technical institutes, clubs angel investors and other entities allowed from one come to many something simple that is often forgotten. In this regard, in Argentina, several institutions provide help at every stage of the development. Therefore, join a network of entrepreneurs provides access to help to validate the idea and put together a business model. Experts in the network assess the ability of that idea to meet a specific need and advise the armed business model.

The mentors are experienced people in your work area that share learnings, crossed errors, and add value to the network of entrepreneurs. To start a business or make it grow, capital is needed. In that sense, these organizations act as a link, by contacting with entrepreneurs interested in investing in the project. It is essential to continue training in various areas involving a business and training in developing managerial skills.

Contact with other entrepreneurs can learn about different experiences do business and, in many cases, share problems and opportunities. Link and listening is a way to learn much of what goes well as the mistakes. Today mistakes are part of the network of entrepreneurs that needs to be valued and capitalized in learning to recognize the learning curve. Investors point to entrepreneurs who have been wrong at least two or three times since this is a way to verify the ability of fast and dynamic learning with high performance and results, because errors usually are in different areas and it requires multiple approaches and complementary capabilities to be solved