Basic to start a business online

Knowing what your passion

Having a passion (ie, a topic that interests us or we like) is basic to start a business online . Many people even have their website because they love a subject, no matter if they make money or not.

start a business online

It is therefore essential to know what you love. Some of the tasks or activities that represent a bstart a business online are:

Write articles frequently on the topic: If you are interested or work on it, fine. For example, among the many pages you start, it was this of 100Negocios which surfaced of all, since I am a degree in ADMINISTRATION and is a subject I know well.

Knowing your keywords: Keywords are the search phrases in Google. When you write for example ” internet business “, will appear 10 results per page. If you do not know your subject, you can not know the keywords you need for your site.
Be aware of news of the issue: It is essential to be updated in the field. In my case, every morning I read the news business to find out what’s happening in the world of business.

Finding a niche

Once you define your passion, you have to find a niche market that you can enter. To do this, you first have to research keywords related to the subject, and define what you’re most likely to 1) get to be No. 1 in search and 2) generate income for this keyword.

For example, the keyword ” business “just in Mexico has 368.000 monthly searches. If you go deeper, the “term” business ideas “is 8.100. This is a dramatic change, since in the search business, you will compete against corporate sites as national newspapers and magazines.

The second point to generate income by keyword, is important. Generally, those who start a blog or a website start making money with Google Adsense .

However, there will be people who want to sell a physical product, a service or an intangible product. For example, in my case I develop and sell online courses. So I’m not interested in the aspect of advertising (it is a 2nd. Income), but I’m looking for keywords and ways to promote my online courses .