Orbitall wins contract with Bank Gerador

It will aim to expand the portfolio of the institution to meet the needs of the customer quickly and effectively. Sao Paulo – Orbial, company acquired by Stefanini , in 2011 just added to the Gerador Bank, the only bank specializing in North and Northeast Brazil, to its portfolio of customers. Leader in the production of cards, Orbitall signed a contract with the institution with focus and services and expanding financial services in a more robust financial services platform aligned with the customer’s needs.

The contract includes the supply of the entire chain of card processing, such as generation of bills, issuing of cards and passwords, authorization and processing of transactions, invoicing, receipt, the customer service and fraud prevention.

Bank Gerador

In line with the growth strategy of the Bank Gerador, Orbitall bet its model of Government, together with the stability of its operation, to help the Bank to achieve its business objectives. According to Jacob Silva, director of new business of Orbitall, this differential will provide the Bank improved health-care level, resulting in the leverage and the consolidation of its products among customers.

“La of Orbitall’s expertise in card processing adds value to the services provided by the Bank Gerador customers and look forward to the first step in a relationship which is expected sustainable growth and the increase in services adicionales”, says the Executive.

Market “El of means of payment is higher each time, its growth rate amounts to considerably generating plenty of opportunities. The Northeast region benefits from this growth, especially by the increase in the purchasing power of the population, which helps increase business in this region”, concluded Silva.”

Approaches Orbitall
Acquired in 2011 by Stefanini, Orbitall was established in 2000 and emerged as the first administrator of the country, Credicard credit cards. The company offers solutions in the areas of cards payroll, prepaid, private label, food, gift cards hybrid and financial institutions. It also offers exclusive services such as analysis of the portfolio, systems of neural networks for preventing fraud and the management of the billing Office, always applying the model of management and services through agreements of service level (SLA). Recently, Orbitall obtained re-certification PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), an international standard created by the PCI Security Council, open world forum formed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Discover.

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