What benefits will have bank cards with chip?

Teaching career of Technical University in electronics of the headquarters vineyard of the sea of the University Santa Maria explains what will be the difference with the classic magnetic banner and you will be safer than the previous ones. Avoid the repeated illicit committed due to the cloning of credit cards is seeking the passage of the magnetic banner to the chip in this type of instruments, which indeed are of great importance for its users.

But actually a chip is of greater security than the classic magnetic stripe? In this regard, Loreto Marín, Professor of the career of Technical University in Viña del Mar in the Universidad Santa Maria headquarters electronics, expresses differences between both mechanisms and specifies the chip need greater security at the time avoid crimes that enable the theft of money from this type of cards are generated.

Said the teacher, “a card with magnetic strip has all its science in the band, which corresponds to a mixture of resin with magnetic particles, such as iron oxide and barium Ferrites. The information is recorded in the band to polarize these magnetic particles and depending on the orientation that is given to them (as well as orients itself a magnet, North or South, across a magnetic field), the stored data will be,”he said.

He also added that in the case of cards, the band has three tracks, each with their international recording standards, which define the format and structure of the data.

benefits will have bank cards

According to specified Marin, the difference between the chip is that this type of elements inside “we can find microcontrollers, memory, combinational, sequential circuits, among others (are named the digital since they are associated with cards), etc”.

“In the case of the chip cards, these have a microprocessor and memory, whose main advantage is that they can not only store data but which can also process information,” what gives you more complexity to the system, said the professor.

Finally, he indicated that the security of chip cards will fall upon the difficulty of altering it. “In the case of a card with a magnetic strip both reading and modification of the data can be performed by any person who has the necessary equipment, while in a chip card, is required to know the keys and encoding associated with the chip”, he said.