As you approach retirement

First step: the reconstruction of your career
Two years before the date on which you plan to retire , start preparing your case. You must first make a full point on all of your rights:

You can rely on the statements of individual circumstances , the total indicative estimate , career records and survey points supplementary pensions received.


¤ Ask your career statement with the CNAV (see above how to ask his career record).
¤ Request a Statement of personal circumstances This document reports on all future pensions regardless of the pension to which you contributed throughout your career.

You must make your request by mail, telephone, mail, or during a visit to one of the schemes in which you contribute or have contributed (with the exception of schemes from which you are already collecting a pension). Some plans offer a downloadable application form on their website. If you contribute or have contributed to more plans, no need to send as many requests as regimes. Only one application is enough with one of them.

Check these documents carefully . If you have any comments or questions, contact the institutions competent managers (under the basic and / or additional information as appropriate) if possible with a double supporting documentation of your work. The funds concerned will consider your comments carefully. Feel free to go through the telephone information centers to share your questions and ask what to do.

Step Two: Assess the amount of your retirement

Once established and verified your career statement (for your basic pension) and your statement of your individual circumstances establishing rights to supplementary pensions or vis-à-vis other cases, you can get an assessment of your future pension . You must contact your pension fund of the general on the one hand and your box of supplemental Arrco (and possibly Agirc), on the other. For these call center 820 200 189 will tell you what to do and suggest a rendezvous in a Cicas (Centre for Information, advice and hospitality employees Agirc and Arrco ).

The printed application and evaluation Agirc Arrco
It should also be directed specifically to Ircantec (state officials and public authorities does not hold), the MSA (Mutual Sociale Agricole), the IHR (independent of the social system) … if you contributed in a period of your career at one of these boxes.

Step Three: Select your departure date and ask for your retirement.
It’s up to you to choose the date of your retirement. But remember that you will take 4-6 months before that date to “liquidate” your retirement is to say, ask the various funds to proceed with the exact calculation of your benefits and start their implementation in payment.Check with your or your pension fund to determine how to proceed.

¤ If you have been affiliated with the general scheme for employees in the agricultural scheme or plan of merchants and artisans, with respect to the basic pension, you must submit a single application called “single application of retirement” in the final plan in which you was attached. This will in turn forward it to all plans participating in the scheme. Each plan will calculate and then pay the share of pension due to him. You should also ask your supplementary pension to appropriate agencies (or Agirc Arrco last box for private sector employees, Ircantec for public sector employees). You can also contact the Cicas (information center on the supplementary pension Arrco, Agirc and Ircantec) of your department.
¤ If you have been affiliated with one or more other plans than those listed above, you must write to each credit union is responsible for you or have met.
¤ If you’re official, you should ask your personnel department.