XTB Group signs an agreement with Google

The main objective is to build a complete communication platform and offer customers the most information to make financial decisions. • The use of Google tools will increase the operational efficiency of the company. Madrid – XTB Group, one of the largest financial services companies technologically advanced in the world, has signed a cooperation agreement with Google. XTB employees Google applications used to support work in “the cloud”, including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Talk. All these applications are based on cloud computing.

The agreement comes as part of the implementation strategy to advance XTB cloud-based computing (cloud computing), in line with global trends. XTB Group replaced its existing solutions Postfix and Microsoft Office 2007 to Google Apps for Business.

an agreement with Google

The main objective is to build a complete platform for multi-channel communication (including e-mail, chat, video and video-conferences), exploiting cooperative capabilities of Google Docs. XTB fully leverage the potential of cloud computing and not have to maintain their own servers. During the next phase of the strategy will be integrated trading platforms XTB with Google Apps, especially its “flagship” Complete Trading Solution.

“XTB Group decided to work with Google because (due to the convergence of values) our values are very similar, as both companies pay special attention to the innovative use of changing technologies and the potential of the Internet. In our opinion, the use of Google tools will increase the company’s operational efficiency, and reduce the costs associated with business applications. At the same time, the integration of trading platforms to Google Apps XTB generate greater added value to the Group’s institutional clients that use XTB xFSOL in London “- says Jakub Zablocki, XTB Group CEO.

flexibility and mobility. – XTB employees to work with their data anytime, anywhere through any device with Internet access, improving flexibility and mobility. Online collaboration tools such as Google Sites or Google Docs, will help you communicate and share ideas more easily. For example, Google Docs allows collaboration of several people in a single document in real time, increasing productivity by eliminating the need for constant updating of the various versions of the document.

“Cloud computing began to join the network for some years, and today is the choice of many companies visionary technology, innovation and productivity are the major advantage. Worldwide there are over 5 million companies using Google Apps, including large international corporations in various sectors of industry with thousands of employees. By switching to the cloud, the Group XTB proves to be a dynamic organization that leverages the advantages / benefits of the latest technological advances and (XTB) is aware of the importance of modern technology in business, “says Przemys & # 322, aw Sienkiewicz, Director of Google Enterprise CEE, Russia & CIS.

Google Apps and Google Apps Vault will be implemented in the Group through Seiloc XTB Seiloc Sp is Google’s partner in the area of enterprise solutions such as Google Apps , Vault Google Apps, Google Search Appliance, hardware for Chrome OS and the cloud computing platform of Google that allows users to build applications.