Rafael González Montejano new director general of Affinion International

Affinion International, global leader in the creation, development and implementation of acquisition and customer loyalty programmes, appoints Rafael Gonzalez Montesano as the new Director General.

Gonzalez Montesano replaces Jonathan seems to, who has been at the head of Affinion International since you entrust its implantation in the Spanish market in 2008, as part of the strategic plan of the company’s expansion. To date, Affinion has managed thousands of people form part of the programs of affinity that the company has designed for major economic sectors in Spain, as the insurer, financial, FMCG or Retail.

Affinion International

Affinion International considers the training and experience of Gonzalez Montesano, the insurance industry and banking, affinity marketing, loyalty programmers, as the guarantee perfect addressing successfully the growth and settlement of the company in the national territory. Rafael Gonzalez will report to Guillaume Huser, President of Affinion International, who says: “fully confident the capacity of Rafael to continue it seems to work and definitely to Affinion international as the leading company in the sector of the Affinity Marketing position”.

Furthermore, Guillaume Huser stresses the incorporation of Rafael Gonzalez to the team as an opportunity to continue growing and innovating in the field of the Affinity Marketing, more and more valued by the customers of the big brands. Huser, also underlines the great work done by Jonathan seems to, who after having achieved great successes in Spain, returns to Stamford, Connecticut to continue his upward career at the headquarters of Affinion Group at United States.

Rafael Gonzalez Montesano is graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts in business administration and a master’s degree in finance from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. Gonzalez Montesano has played numerous executive positions in multinational United States, United Kingdom and Spain. Citigroup, The Hartford International, Cigna, Card Protection Plan and Cardiff are some of the companies that has passed the newly appointed Director General of Affinion International.