Home How to start a placemat advertising for a business?

Every business thrives on advertising. Restaurants are no different. Restaurant patrons are friendly and wear mats public, so it is safe to assume that in exchange for free a restaurant tablecloths tablecloths allow proportions full of advertisements. This article will show you how to start your own tablecloths at home for a business.


Starting your own home for a business placemat

Contact the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS , for its acronym in English) and an identification form from the sales tax and business license form.

place mat advertising

Buy a large format printer and make sure the paper matches the smallest maximum print size from two to four inches (5-10 cm).

Get a list of local businesses through the guide telephone , Internet resources and taking notes.

Create a list of restaurants within 15 miles (24 km) diameter of the companies on your list.

Create a sample sheet to choose a restaurant to place in the center of the tablecloth to be 5 (13 cm) long and 3 (7.5 cm) high.

Divide the tablecloth in the ad space around the logo of the restaurant.

Decide how much you charge for ad space and how to double or triple the advertising space and create a brochure with pricing.

Fill your advertising space with ads from local businesses within 15 miles (24 km) radius of the restaurant.

Prints multiple copies of the tablecloth and price structure.

You must go to the restaurant and talk to the owner. See daily foot traffic and how many mats on average used within a week after many offer him.

You must go to each business you placed your mantel displays and talk to the person in charge of advertising. Presents the tablecloth and the prices down, and the number of people who will see their advertisements on a daily basis.

Make a tablecloth pattern when the ad space is sold. Uses either card, image or any other information supplied to you.

Print tablecloths and deliver them to the restaurant.

Repeat all steps for each restaurant.