Advertising figures

Many people can be misused as advertising figures and make this highly effective advertising company for the Firman on top of that it’s free. Many people see themselves as rational beings with the desire or even the explicit demand for self-determination. After Duden they desperately want to “act freely according to his own will.” All the more surprising it is then that they feel in their daily life but self-determined, but on the other hand can be manipulated by line and thread, without even noticing it.


Because they buy “designer clothes” that are offered to them subtly refined by the press, cinema and Internet, but also on radio and television, and highly visible billboards, and are provided with more or less striking emblem. It is important to them, the cap with the “faded star of all trades”, the watch from Pollanex, the sweater of x and x with the green lizard on the chest or the blouse of fast with the crossed hyacinths and the original signature of the creator to to wear and show: “I can allow myself!”



Perhaps it is but become rigor, to dress up according to a dictated fashion so as to attract at least a mini-stir or get profile in this way, the other is missing. But it could also be that you just want “the common people” stand out. This forced the profile tables € behavior seems to be but even up to the kids in kindergarten to continue. Since peers are bullied because they just can not show this or that brand emblem on the fabrics.


But as it stands there really with the self-determination? This is probably simply gone or so far into the background, that it stands out any more. The manufacturer now determine where to go and consumers appear to be docile sheep who plod behind the other forth. But while the sheep at least keep their fur and wool clean, people are living as free advertising space available. So they run around for as advertising figures and find the strangely not at all ridiculous.


Also, the buyer effectively manipulated by certain supermarkets. At irregular intervals Report this provider seemingly unbeatable special or loss leaders. Of course, the contents of this week campaigns are already many months in advance and who wants to buy in the foreseeable future, a monitor, a computer or a digital camera does, in time smart and takes on that Thursday morning, extra free if Paldi or bed start selling the office hit. That must be because of the prospect knows from experience that this bargain or what is considered to, are now out of print. The buyers of the retail chains have apparently that is the statement, not the special offers to buy in huge lots, but only in quantities that are sold out until at least noon. This artificial scarcity has the consequence that are already long queues before opening the business.