How to activate my Visa Green Dot

A Visa Green Dot card is a prepaid credit card you can use to build your credit. Prepaid credit cards work by loading cash deposits therein. Then used as if it were a regular credit card. However, you will only be able to charge up to the amount of funds that you have loaded on the card. Do not have an additional credit line. Prepaid credit cards are usually for people who have bad credit and can not get a regular credit card. Maintaining a positive credit history with your Visa Green Dot is a good way to get your credit report back in good condition.

Visa Green


Open the package of your Visa Green Dot and locate your activation number. The activation number is usually on the back of the package or in the instructions that come with the card. If you have the package or instructions, is also on the bill under where it says “PIN”.

Enter the activation code. Double-check that the activation code is correct. You can not move to the next step without a valid number. After registering, enter the security code in the box below it and click “Continue”.

Enter your email address and contact information on the next page. You will create an account for your Visa card, so you’ll have to enter all the basic information. Once you have finished entering the information, click “Next”.

Deposit money to your Visa. If you have online banking, you will be able to transfer funds to your Green Dot card. Even if you’re not depositing funds electronically, you must enter your data bank as you will be charged a monthly purchase and activation. After setting up your account, you will be able to add funds to your card by calling the Green Dot or starting your session to your site web . Your card is now activated. Once you have sufficient funds, you can start using it.