Abstracts of Leadership Books for Entrepreneurs

Leadership Books for Entrepreneurs

Always strive to make those who are hierarchically above you feeling comfortable with your sense of superiority. Do not let your desire to please or impress them induce you to show off your talents and ability. This may generate an effect opposite to the desired. That is inspired fear and insecurity in their superiors.

Leadership Books for Entrepreneurs

Never trust too much of your friends learn to use your enemies

Be wary of your friends; they are usually the first to betray it, because they easily fall prey to envy. They also tend to become disrespectful and tyrants. Instead, employ whoever has been your enemy, and you will be more loyal than a friend will, you must make greater efforts to demonstrate your adherence. The truth is that you must fear your friends more than they must fear your enemies.

Dissolve your intentions

Disconcert people and keep them in the greatest possible ignorance, never revealing the purpose of their actions. If you have no idea what you want to achieve. You will find it impossible to prepare a defense.

Always say less than necessary

When you try to impress people with words keep in mind that the more you say, the more vulnerable you will be. The less control you will have of the situation. Even what you say is only a banality. It will seem an original idea if you raise it in a vague, open and enigmatic way.

Nearly everything depends on your prestige defend it to

His renown and prestige is the cornerstone of power. Enough prestige is enough to intimidate and win. However, once it decays, you will become vulnerable and will attack from all sides. Turn your prestige into an impregnable fortress. Everything judged by its appearance; what is not seen does not count. Never accept to lose yourself in the anonymity of the crowd or be buried by oblivion. Put all your strength in standing out. Use the intelligence, knowledge and physical work of others to promote your own cause. This type of help will not only save you a lot of time and energy.

It will give you a divine aura of speed and efficiency. Criterion when you force another to act you must be the one who exercises control at all times.

Any circumstantial triumph you obtain through verbal argumentation. That is really just a Pyrrhic victory. The resentment and ill will that it generates are more intense and lasting than any momentary agreement you have achieved. Criterion the misfortune of others can lead to death: moods are as contagious and toxic as an infectious disease.

Make People depend on you

To maintain your independence it is essential that others want it and need it. The more they trust and depend on you. The more freedom you will have, make people dependent on you to achieve happiness and prosperity. You will have nothing to fear Never teach others enough to cope without their help. A sincere and honest gesture will compensate dozens of attitudes dictated by hypocrisy and falsehood. The gesture of frank and honest generosity lowers the guard even of the most distrustful individual, once his selective sincerity has opened a breach in the other’s armor he can manipulate and deceive him at will. A timely gift of a Trojan horse may meet the same objective.

If you need to resort to the help of an ally, do not bother to remind him of the support you gave him in the past, or his good deeds, the past ignored, forgotten. Yes. On the other hand, when formulating your request for collaboration you show elements. That will benefit the other person and place great emphasis on them. Your opponent will respond with enthusiasm to your request when detecting the benefit that you could obtain.