Basis points to a successful business Plan

Entrepreneurs Hello / ACE will have already read in 1buenaidea the essential importance of creating a business plan before venturing to undertake. This will give us a clear and unique vision of the potential of the business and if it will work or not, enabling us to decide to appropriate to the time to invest in any business idea.
After this evaluation plan will serve as a guide to follow and as a tool to apply for funding from an external source (investors, banks, financial, friends etc.)

points to a successful business Plan

To begin with this vital analysis I recommend write in a document, the following 11 steps that make up the Business Plan itself:

1. The business: you should describe in a few lines which is your business idea, which is your product or service and a brief history of how it started to grow the idea. If it is a corporation or if it is a one-person venture.

2. The market: detailed is your market and who are your customers who you venderás. Who are your competitors and analyze the projection of this market in the future.

3. El Comercio: you will need to define your prices (cost, profit, etc.), think of an appropriate policy of discounts and compare your prices with those of the competition.

4. The operation: If you manufacture a product described in is the process from the beginning has ta reaches the client, so if it is a service. If you do not fabricarás describes how you will get and which is the way to the cocnsumidor.

5. La capability: think and write what your maximum manufacturing or sales of your product or service.

6. The location: If you have attention to the public describes the location of your business and its zone of influence, you need to know how many potential customers you have, or abarcaras in your area. If you are going to start a business online study and focus your market (regional, national or international) and study as you procesarás sales, the shipping and returns policy.

7. The Organization: at this point you should place the parts that comprise the Organization of your company or business (e.g.: manufacturing, administration, sales, etc.)

8. The analysis: analyzes your best what are your business, both external and internal threats. And in case of crisis how you propose to move forward.

9. Financing: this is the heart of every business, through this step can tell if a business can succeed or fail in the attempt. Sorts everything in an excel spreadsheet basically with the costs of the product or service, the price to the public; costs of home; fixed costs; the necessary investment; salaries; taxes; where it will get even money to invest or how you have designed solve project startup and maintenance of cash flow.

10. Legal aspects: defines that type will be the company or the type of business. Assesses whether it is important to register the product or service as intellectual property.

11. Scheduled home: put the date of commencement of your activity.

Final evaluation: now that you’ve completed most of the necessary points par a good business plan will need to evaluate another more? Yes, of if your business will be successful or not, it will depend on the risk of the business, planned or available cash flow and TIR analysis results and go.