How to write a letter to cancel a contract with a real estate agent

People who want to rent your house or apartment can help a real estate agent to find suitable tenants. These agents usually receive a percentage or a search fee as payment. To ensure legal stability, a contract must be signed between the owner and agent scoring expectations and responsibilities that each has to the other. For example, for a fee owner, the agent agrees to show the property to potential tenants for a period of one year. Occasionally these agreements can be broken. He is writing a letter like this can be done.

contract with a real estate agent


Write a letter

Put the date on the letter and starts with a friendly greeting. Like, “Dear Glen, I hope everything goes well. Would like to talk to you about the contract we signed becoming my realtor.”


Summarize the facts. Record the date of the agreement and specifies exactly what the arrangement. Maybe the real estate agent has agreed to have the rental property within 90 days. Or maybe the agent promised to treat all parties honestly. For example, “Note that you’d agree the rental property within 90 days.” Or, “Remember how you promised to deal honestly with all parties.”
Gently explains why you want to end the agreement . Select a time limit for completion of the agreement ; either a few days or immediately. Maybe 75 days have passed and the real estate agent has not shown the property and do not find this acceptable. Or it may be that the agent lied to you and you do not want to continue the relationship. It may be “It’s been 75 days and have not shown anyone the property and so I think you have acted in bad faith. Therefore am canceling our agreement . ” If the agent lied to you, say, “You lied to me and this breaks our agreement . cancelándote I am. ”