What is the salary shown for a real estate agent?

Real estate agents typically charge no wages. Instead, they earn a commission , usually a percentage of the final sales price of a sale transaction. Some charge their customers, instead of or in addition to the commission . A real estate agent can also be a salaried employee of a broker or other agent can work for as an assistant .
Real estate agent


Survey results
According to a survey reported in the website of the NAR (NAR, the National Association of Realtor English) or National Association of Realtors, in 2009 and 2010, 2% of estate agents who responded to the survey reported that they were employed , while 3% said it was a salary plus additional compensation. A realtor is a member of NAR, the largest professional association of real estate professionals. Not all real estate agents are Realtors or NAR members.


Commission income
The real estate agents must work under a real estate broker license. The commission of a sale goes to the broker and the broker pays the agent a percentage of the commission . The Service Tax Internal considering a real estate agent on their own in this fix. This allows the agent to cancel deductions for business expenses, which could not be possible if the agent was a salaried employee. According to the survey of NAR, 18% of estate agents who responded were in a fraction of 100%, ie, the entire commission was the agent, not the broker, in these agreements, the agent usually pays the broker a fee.

Fraction of commission
A new real estate agent can earn a lower percentage of a cut of commission , compared with a more experienced and productive agents. For example, a broker might take a new agent and offer you a 50% cut of the commission , while offering a cut of 70% for a productive agent tested. Such offices often provides training or increased supervision to the new agent. It may be possible that a new agent access to 100% of the commission , in these circumstances, the agent usually pays the broker or brokerage fee and transaction fee or charge. A new real estate agent looking for an office that offers training probably will not find one that wins 100% of the commission .

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, the entry of a new real estate agent tends to be irregular, compared with an experienced agent. In 2008, at the lower end of the spectrum, 10% of real estate agents earned less than U.S. $ 21,120. What a real estate company may decide to pay an agent salary varies by region, and could be as little as minimum wage.