A company in Bulgaria or how to outsource your business

A great number of investors are now looking towards Bulgaria. They want to register a company in Bulgaria and to outsource all or part of the business they have successfully developed elsewhere. The companies that want to do that are usually from the fields of the IT business and consulting services. Once the formation of their company in Bulgaria is a fact, these investors start searching for offices. They show interest in modern and new office buildings where are available many facilities. These companies are further interested in areas with good infrastructure that are serviced by the means of the public transport, central location and large parking zones.

Many people however are asking themselves the question why these investors would like to form a company in Bulgaria. The answer is very simple. In Bulgaria the outsourcing companies can get simple procedures for registering a company and opening of a bank account, they can find excellent office centers with office premises of very affordable prices, well-trained and highly-motivated employees with good knowledge of foreign languages, average wages compared to the ones in the rest of Europe. The economic situation is stable even if currently there are some political issues with the current government that are soon expected to be solved in a peaceful manner. In general, the situation is good for making business and for outsourcing some of the activities of a working company. Owning a company in Bulgaria also means paying taxes, however the tax system is understandable and the taxes applied are acceptable. Last, but not least, it should be mentioned that there are various specialists that are available to help with the process of formation of a company in Bulgaria, the registrations that follow and the preparation of the documents necessary for the payment of the monthly and annual taxes that are due.