Barcelona to host March 6 promoting SMEs

The city will become on March 6 the ideal place for the small and medium enterprises thanks to the road show promoting SMEs. The event will take place in the modern media-TIC building District 22 @, the innovation district. Madrid, February 27, 2013-after passing through Bilbao and Lorca, promoting SMEs comes to Barcelona in order to provide knowledge and support to small and medium-sized enterprises, Foundation of the national economy, through an innovative and groundbreaking commissioning scene. 10 microponencias of 10 minutes in which experts, they will provide strategies and advise attendees in order to boost their business around four pillars: Financing, innovation, internationalization and efficiency.

6 promoting SMEs

“If you want to change the future of your business, changes the way of doing things. Reinvent yourself”. Under this motto, promoting SMEs arrived in Barcelona on March 6. The initiative, which has the support of the local Council, will take place at the Cibernàrium Auditorium of the TIC building District 22 @ from 9:00 h. Ms. Susana Tintore Director Ejecutiva of services to enterprises and employment by Barcelona Activa, will be in charge of opening the meeting. The initiative is completely free, the only interested parties must register on the web, page has become a point of meeting of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Beneficiaries can enjoy interest as Cafenet, Pyme space or account sections in this digital portal, your success, that will offer a more direct contact with the drivers of the project.

In order to provide a greater added value and connect with the needs of the daily life of a small company, the Ono award best 2013 SME has selected GTD information systems as a local success story to present their project and qualify for the final award to be presented in Madrid on June 19.

In addition, Iberia Plus company, in every encounter draw will be “Support to SMEs”, which will give attendees a prize of 1,500 points equivalent to a round-trip to Europe in full tourist class flight company.

Inigo Manso, CEO of Avalon the network of experts, creative company of the movement “Promoting SMEs”, says: “support our business is absolutely key and fundamental. From promoting SMEs 2013 we communicate innovative ideas and best practices from the most important companies of our country. “We think it necessary to reinvent itself”.

The philosophy of promoting SMEs is based on the importance of thinking differently and see the market from different approaches to, thus, find the path that improve each of the businesses.

Next scheduled meeting:

1. Barcelona: March 6. Media-TIC building District 22 @
2. Logroño: March 13. The Fombera Technology Center
3 Sevilla: April 10. Building creates
4. A Coruña: April 17. Agora Center
5 Malaga: April 24. Acts of the multiple services and municipal building room
6 Santa Cruz de Tenerife: May 9.
7 Valencia: May 22.
8 Valladolid: May 29. Auditorium Museum of science
9. Girona: June 5.
10. Madrid: June 19.