5 Basic Tips for Small business

What do small businesses to sell more? No matter the type of business, the market they address, location or sales volume, everyone needs to do the same: Marketing. Everyone does it in one or another form: name and care about their customers, make sales, offer free samples, etc.

Depending on how they are doing, there are 5 Basic Tips for Small business marketing strategy:

1. Corporate image:

Most humans are “visual” people. Remember and assimilate the information better when it comes accompanied by “images” that we can hold in our memory and later associate the brand. For example, Apple’s apple, the dove of Nike or the type of font to use Coca-Cola or Disney. The importance of this is that the client “we remember” it we “differentiate”, and finally and most important, “choose us”.


Take your time to have a good corporate image: Choose a brand name, a logo that identifies your business, use a font according to what you plan and use it in all documents and forms (pamphlets, posters, etc.). All this gives identity to the company. With it, your customers will differentiate and remember well his “image.”

2. Know your customers

The better you know your customers, of which depends the success of your company, the greater
the chances of their needs. You should know what they want, how they want and how often. Use a simple observation with periodic or simply using a form that can be filled the first time they visit your website or business surveys. Ask your customers, work according to their tastes and preferences and possibly reach a satisfactory result of more sales.

3. Attention to the recommendations “word of mouth”

Customer behavior is the key to success in any business. Clearly, we all like them to treat us well, and is reflected in the treatment clients receive; if it manages to feel special and important to take some time to return, in addition we will be recommending to colleagues. A rule you should know: a “very satisfied” customer recommends three to five times; but you dissatisfied you discouraged over 10 times. If you try to serve you succeed best, because in its attention issuer is possible recommendations.

4. Management customers

Record the general customer data (email, phone, address), which buy, how often, products or services that use the most, what their interests, how they work, what they like to eat, etc. Then use this “customer management” to inform about promotions or recommendations have to have new products. No matter that does not have a spreadsheet or a computer: You can keep records in a notebook and so keep an eye on the interests of their clientele. Try not to be too intrusive in customer preferences. This also helps to create a good image.

5. Generate value

Once you know the client well, you should be able to offer something more: it can be anything, but it will be useful. For example, if you have an aesthetic, send an email monthly with beauty tips, or give a discount card for 4 or more visits. With this accomplished pleasantly surprise your customers.

With this five tips I hope you can turn your business into a perfect place for customers and a highly profitable business for you.